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Criminal Rehabilitation

What to include to support an Application for Criminal Rehabilitation if you are inadmissible to Canada due to having a conviction or convictions.

Interim Pathway for Caregivers

From March 4-June 4, 2019, this program is accepting applications for permanent residence from qualified applicants.  Hear the minimum criteria.

Spousal sponsorship

What to know before you start a spousal sponsorship application.

Parent/Grandparent Sponsorship

Get ready for the re-opening of the PGP.

Immigration Successes

A brief year-end wrap up of positive outcomes in 2018!

Express Entry

My tips on boosting points in your Express Entry Profile.

Canadian Study Permits

My tips on what to include in a study permit application to Canada.

Avoid Incompleteness in Immigration Applications

How to avoid getting your application returned to you by Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada because of incompleteness.

Resolving Incompleteness

It's better to submit a brand new application than just submit a corrected page with the completed information.

Visit Canada!

An overview of the application process for a Temporary Resident Visa (commonly known as a visitor visa).

Refusal Letters

Tips on what to do when you receive a refusal letter from a Canadian immigration or visa officer.

Why Retain Counsel

Choice of counsel is yours; bear in mind that the Canadian immigration process is becoming more and more complex.

Spousal Sponsorship

What to know for submitting a well-prepared spousal sponsorship application.

Medical Inadmissibility Policy Change

When assessing potential excessive demand on health & social services in Canada, immigration and visa officers must increase the cost threshold by three and not refer to special education, vocational rehabilitation and personal support services.

Call-In Notice

What to do when you receive a Call-In Notice from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Spousal Sponsorship Policy Change

IRCC has re-introduced two required items for an initial sponsorship application package: Schedule A Background/Declaration form & police certificates of the sponsored spouse.

IAD Hearings

Tips on preparing for a hearing before the Immigration Appeal Division.

Landing Tips

What to know on the landing process to become a permanent resident of Canada.