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Barrister & Solicitor Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Legal Services

Work Towards Permanent Residence

Hear about a new program for child care providers & home support workers.

Sponsoring Parents & Grandparents

My tips on next steps after a sponsor receives an Invitation to Apply to submit a complete application package to Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada.  Watch for the deadline, required forms, documents and filing fee payment!

Criminal Rehabilitation

What to include to support an Application for Criminal Rehabilitation if you are inadmissible to Canada due to having a conviction or convictions.

Interim Pathway for Caregivers

From March 4-June 4, 2019, this program is accepting applications for permanent residence from qualified applicants.  Hear the minimum criteria.  This program is open until October 8, 2019.

Spousal sponsorship

What to do before you say "I do".

Parent/Grandparent Sponsorship

Get ready for the re-opening of the PGP.

Immigration Successes

A brief year-end wrap up of positive outcomes in 2018!

Express Entry

My tips on boosting points in your Express Entry Profile.

Canadian Study Permits

My tips on what to include in a study permit application to Canada.

Avoid Incompleteness in Immigration Applications

How to avoid getting your application returned to you by Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada because of incompleteness.

Resolving Incompleteness

It's better to submit a brand new application than just submit a corrected page with the completed information.

Visit Canada!

An overview of the application process for a Temporary Resident Visa (commonly known as a visitor visa).

Refusal Letters

Tips on what to do when you receive a refusal letter from a Canadian immigration or visa officer.

Why Retain Counsel

Choice of counsel is yours; bear in mind that the Canadian immigration process is becoming more and more complex.

Spousal Sponsorship

What to know for submitting a well-prepared spousal sponsorship application.

Medical Inadmissibility Policy Change

Immigration officers must increase the cost threshold by three and not refer to special education, vocational rehabilitation and personal support services.

Call-In Notice

What to do when you receive a Call-In Notice from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Spousal Sponsorship Policy Change

IRCC has re-introduced two required items for an initial sponsorship application package: Schedule A Background/Declaration form & police certificates of the sponsored spouse.

IAD Hearings

Tips on preparing for a hearing before the Immigration Appeal Division.

Landing Tips

What to know on the landing process to become a permanent resident of Canada.